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Join us!

Your very best friends at Facility Theatre will be holding a benefit cocktail party on Thursday, September 14th, from 7pm-10pm. Please celebrate with us as we launch our inaugural season! Our first production will be Sam Shepard's Fool For Love. Your support and love are vital to us. Nay, the very future of artistic expression rests on the promise of your attendance. Let's have fun while fighting the good fight!  

Where: 2054 N. Clifton, Chicago, IL. 60614
When: Thursday, September 14th, 2017, from 7pm-10pm.*
Cost: $125

Tickets: Please purchase tickets in advance here. 
(We would love to see you but must limit attendance to 100. If we're sold out or if you can't attend but want to help out, please consider a donation thru the link or sending a check directly to: Facility Theatre, 1839 W. Thomas, Chicago, IL 60622.)

We look forward to seeing your lovely faces on the 14th day of September!


Artistic Director
Kirk Anderson
Managing Director
Shawna Franks

Board Members
Tom Dacey Carr, President
Tremaine Atkinson, Secretary
Bob Gerstein, Treasurer
Roc Roney
Sarah Ryan
Kirk Anderson
Facility Theatre is a theater collective that invites new audiences to a re-imagining of rarely seen works and original plays. The group of seasoned and emerging artists intend to bring a fresh eye and alternate perspective to the traditional narrative, as well as cultivate the collaborative process as a means to inclusivity and curiosity with the community at large. 

* Yes, some of you received a save-the-date email stating another evening but we changed it to 9/14.



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