"Phoebe in Winter" is Jen Silverman’s post-war fable. Three brothers return home from a distant war preparing to settle into their old lives, but a knock at the door brings other plans. A woman named Phoebe accuses them of killing her own three brothers and demands reparations--that they must become her new family instead.

Featuring: Maria Stephens, Kirk Anderson, Shawna Franks, Jacob Alexander,
David Dowd, and Elliot Baker

September 22 - October 21, 2018
Thursday-Saturdays at 8pm
and Sundays at 4pm
Holy Trinity Church School (Szkoła ŚW. Trójcy), 1135 N. Cleaver St., Chicago


Director | dado
Assistant Director | Georgette Verdin
Production Manager | Brent Eikhoff
Stage Manager | Albert “Beep” Trefts
Technical Director | Roc Roney
Set Design | Joseph Wade
Costumes | Kotryna Hilko

Props | Samantha Rausch
Lighting Designer | Mike Durst
Casting Director | Maria Stephens
Marketing | Sarah Ryan and Let Me Do That
Graphic Design | Marco Siegel-Acevedo


Artistic Director | Kirk Anderson
Managing Director | Shawna Franks

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 Google Map to the Venue.

Google Map to the Venue.


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